The next chapter: Looking back

The future will in one way or another always become the present. Question is - will you chase it?

I’m writing this blog post on board the commuter train between Stockholm and Uppsala. After five years at Caspeco, I now take the next step in my journey. For the next 1½ year, I will attend the Digital Data Strategist program at Hyper Island.

I started working for Caspeco as a teenager. I was 19 years old and a junior developer when I wrote my first line of code at Caspeco. My experience with programming were limited to HTML, CSS, some jQuery and simple PHP webpages. Since then I’ve had the amazing opportunity to delve into all sorts of corners in the wonderful world of code and programming.

From building monolithic desktop applications, simple todo-systems, advanced todo-systems, installing our Continuous-Integration Server, optimizing MySQL databases, building Single Page Applications, Web widgets, exploring Microsoft Azure, hacking on Raspberry PI’s and a thousand things more … and finally for the last one and a half years, taking on the responsibility to move Caspeco away from its roots in the Windows Desktop market and deploying us on all devices fitted with a web browser; designing and building both the front end platform as well as the server infrastructure and the backend API’s.

Wow. Reading the list of things we’ve done at Caspeco makes me proud. Proud of myself for pushing us forward. Proud of Caspeco for supporting me.

If I were to choose one thing that’s important for me with my employer, it would be to be given the opportunity to learn. And boy, did I learn a lot at Caspeco.

Thank you Caspeco - until I see you again,