Outlook.com keyboard shortcuts hotkeys

###Write email

  • Create a new email N/Ctrl+N
  • Show address book Alt+.
  • Send an email Ctrl+Enter/Alt+S
  • Reply to an email R
  • Reply all to an email Shift+R
  • Forward an email Shift+F
  • Check spelling F7
  • Insert an Emoji Ctrl+Y
  • Save draft Ctrl+S

###Read email

  • Open an email O/Enter
  • Show blocked content Shift+I
  • Search your email /
  • Close an email Esc

###Go to

  • Go to Inbox G then I
  • Go to Flagged G then L
  • Go to Drafts G then D
  • Go to Sent G then S
  • Go to People Ctrl+3
  • Show Help ?

###Email actions

  • Delete an email Del
  • Archive E
  • Mark an email as junk J
  • Move to a folder V
  • New Folder Shift+E
  • Categorize an email C
  • New Category Shift+G
  • Remove all categories Y
  • Mark an email as read Q
  • Mark an email as unread U
  • Flag an email Insert
  • Print an email Shift+P

###Email list

  • Select all emails S then A
  • Deselect all emails S then N
  • Move selection downwards Ctrl+./Down
  • Move selection upwards Ctrl+,/Up
  • Refresh M/F9