Installing Touchpad driver on Apple Macbook Pro running Windows 8.1

I stopped using my Macbook Pro about 1,5 years ago, since I wanted to run a “real” PC for my .NET developing.

My MacBook Pro have been in a box since then, and last night I decided to install Windows 8.1 RT on it and use it as a second PC since my main machine is quite large and heavy to bring around. Also, the keyboard on this macbook is way better than on my main laptop.

After a couple of hours installing Windows 8.1 yesterday, everything spun up, but i was in for a suprise:

Touchpad not working

So, for a laptop this is a big deal. I googled alot and I finally found a way to repair this:

  • Open the Device Mangaer (Cmd + X, M)
  • Tab once, then go down with the arrow keys to the list of unknown devices. It should say Touchpad on atleast one item.
  • Open up the properties for the Touchpad device, and try to install a driver from local disk (do not search online, that won’t help).
  • Choose USB input device as the driver, do not use the apple driver just yet. After the installation is finished, your touchpad will work.
  • After installing the USB driver you can perform the same steps, but pick the Apple driver. After the installation is complete, your touchpad will work as expected.

I haven’t got the scrolling to work perfectly just yet, but atleast the computer is usuable.