Building my own blog

It might seem obscure to build a blog from the ground up in the year of 2013. There is free and excellent alternatives as Wordpress, Tumblr, blogfornet, or other solutions driven by your posts on Twitter and Facebook. For me, the decision was kind of easy. I have an childish itch to build stuff. Most enjoyable is to build stuff that i have complete control over - stuff that becomes my world for a couple of hours. But the decision to build a blog originated from the words from another blogger.

Your words are wasted

I read a very good story by Scott Hanselman called Your words are wasted. And since Scott is a blogger and developer i look up to, I took his words to heart. I’ve since stopped to posting - loosing control over - my content into walled gardens, such as Facebook and Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, both platforms fullfills a fantastic service. But all my 140 chars of advice/fun/experience might be lost if Twitter® decides to change their business model.

I do occasionally post stuff there. but my plan is to no longer do it uniquely at those platforms. Since I enjoy challenges of both design, interface and engineering I wanted to build my own blog, using the technology and tools of early 2013.

I believe i will do a follow up a post on what technology and tools i used to build my own blog.