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I Moved my blog to Github Pages

My short story about saving a couple of bucks a month and how I switched blogging platform.

I’m starting a company together with my best friend, Jacob. I’m currently employed at Caspeco and for a while I will only work 60% while working on my startup 40% of normal working hours. As you understand, this puts my salary off by 40%. On top of this I doubled my rent expense due to my (now ex-)girlfriend moving out.

So - long story short; my budget is quite low. I spend about $22 on Azure every month. Not much, but in my situation, defintely something I’d rather spend on food!

The only thing I have running on Azure is my blog, which certainly could be hosted elsewhere. It is currently running my own blogging platform based on SQL.

I looked through some of the popular alternatives but I want to own my data. That leaves, out of the picture. Ghost is getting some hype but it requries a hosted verison of Node to run. Not ideal.

I have looked on Github Pages earlier for the ability to run blogs, but Jekyll has earlier put me off. This time I decided to try it out.

Starting off with browsing for a how to guide, I found a guide together with the template I am using: The instrucitons for running Jekyll on windows is quite bad, but here is a better guide to Jekyll On Windows

I like the theme and since most things “just work” this is a good starting spot.

I will migrate my earlier posts manually in the following week. Have patience! :)